OBIE AWARDS - Distinguished Plays
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Year Title Director
1974 Category Discontinued
1973 Bigfoot (Tie) Ronald Tavel
1973 Tooth Of Crime, The (Tie) Sam Shepard
1973 What If It Had Turned Up Heads? (Tie) J. E. Gaines
1972 No Award
1971 Basic Training Of Pavlo Hummel, The (Tie) David Rabe
1971 In New England Winter (Tie) Ed Bullins
1971 Fabulous Miss Marie, The (Tie) Ed Bullins
1970 Increased Difficulty Of Concentration, The (Tie) Vaclav Havel
1970 Deer Kill, The (Tie) Murray Mednick
1969 No Award
1968 Forensic And The Navigators (Tie) Sam Shepard
1968 Muzeeka (Tie) John Guare
1968 Melodrama Play (Tie) Sam Shepard
1968 Indian Wants The Bronx, The (Tie) Israel Horovitz
1967 La Tourista (Tie) Sam Shepard
1967 Futz (Tie) Rochelle Owens
1967 Eh? (Tie) Henry Livings
1966 Icarus's Mother (Tie) Sam Shepard
1966 Chicago (Tie) Sam Shepard
1966 Red Cross (Tie) Sam Shepard
1966 Good Day (Tie) Emanuel Peluso
1965 Successful Life Of Three, The (Tie) Maria Irene Fornes
1965 Promenade (Tie) Maria Irene Fornes
1964 Funnyhouse Of A Negro (Tie) Adrienne Kennedy
1964 Home Movies (Tie) Rosalyn Drexler
1963 No Award
1962 No Award
1961 No Award
1960 Krapp's Last Tape (Tie) Samuel Beckett
1960 Prodigal, The (Tie) Jack Richardson
1960 Zoo Story, The (Tie) Edward Albee

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